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Develop Your Brand, Gain Exposure, Attract Top Candidates

Top talent want to join companies with a strong sense of identity — you know who you are, what you do, and where you are going. It’s imperative you define this, communicate it effectively, and get it in front of candidates who are both actively and passively looking for the next place they can be challenged and contribute in a big way.


Follow a Structured Hiring Process

  • Creating a structured hiring process ensures you are making an informed and unbiased decision when inviting new contributors to join your team. Structured hiring enables you to hire the most qualified candidates and maximize employee retention, resulting in the best return on your hiring and onboarding investment.
  • We invest early and deeply, working closely with you to identify exactly who it is you are looking for and what they’ll be tasked with. We use this information to create tools that will streamline and strengthen your hiring process — interview scorecards, homework assignments, standardizing interview questions, are all necessary ensuring candidates have a positive experience, and you hire the right people.


Resume Reviewing

  • At a growing company, resume reviewing is time consuming and often put off for more urgent matters by hiring managers and executives who have a full plate of responsibilities. Save cost and improve results by taking this off their plate.
  • Our resume reviewers make it their mission to understand what you need and who you are looking for. They know what to look for and where to find it while keeping a keen eye for costly red flags.


Candidate Screens

  • Phone screens can be a thorn in the side of executives and hiring managers. Between endless communication around scheduling, the time and energy spent switching gears to hop on the phone, and the real and opportunity costs, candidate screening can be a resource drain.
  • We know the art of the candidate screen allowing your people to get to work. We’re locked in on your screening your candidates, making sure you are spending time with the best candidates and more importantly, not wasting time on the wrong ones. And when we find those top candidates, they are walking away with great first impression of your company.



  • Your team was hired to crush their goals and exceed expectations, that doesn’t guarantee they know how to interview talent who can do the same.
  • We pride ourselves on creating an interview process that reflects your company and uncovers all you need to make the next decision. Creating a strong culture of interviews will become a pillar of your success.



  • Strong references provide you with a final level of assurance you are making the right choice, they are a must. However, they can be difficult to schedule and time consuming. More importantly, the right questions need to be asked of the people.
  • We know how to uncover the answers you need to confirm the candidate is as advertised. Through both provided references and blind references, we’ll get to the bottom of it for you.


Hire them!

  • You’ve identified the candidate, you feel confident, now it’s time to close them by finding the right deal for both sides. You want to skip the negotiation by pre-closing. Figure out what the candidate is willing to sacrifice, what you’re willing to offer, and lock it down.
  • With us in the middle, we can pre-close candidates, figuring out what they value and what their willing to sacrifice, ensuring they are happy with their package, will accept their offer, and walk into their first day ready to have an impact.